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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Are Mobile Phones A Good Idea...?

A mobile phone is a useful item to leave in your rental for your guests along with some useful telephone numbers. They may wish to contact a local restaurant to book a table, book car hire, or simply just have a means of communication with them on their travels around the island.

You might want to just charge a deposit for the phone plus the cost of a top up card for the phone when your guests check in or when they book in advance. Your property manager can probably deal with this on your behalf or someone you can trust. You will need to know that someone has not walked off with the phone in their luggage either by mistake or on purpose!

It is also probably a good move to use the least amount of credit and guests can top up when they need to themselves by going to CYTA.

If you use a fresh card with each guest you are not then having to credit bits of money because someone only used 3.37 and they want the rest back....!!

You can use the spare money on the cards on your own phone...

The Cyprus telephone company came up with a really useful product when they created SO EASY.

It is designed for those who wish to enjoy the basic advantages of mobile telephony without signing a contract. By paying in advance (using soeasy top-up Cards) you will be in control of your expenses without having to pay any monthly subscriptions or bills.

Click here for pay as you go information...

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