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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Word of mouth...Golden Advertising...

When you first have an apartment or villa for rent, the whole concept of advertising and locating guests/clients/customers seems like a mountain to climb.

Where do you start, and what is the best method?

  • Newspaper/local free paper?
  • Online?
  • Local/word of mouth?

Well, you should probably be thinking about all of them but the one I like best is, word of mouth and the reason is simple, it is easy to do AND you can theme your marketing very easily. The other major benefit is, it is usually free!

Among a host of other reasons, people will buy from you when they feel safe. When they start to think about their holiday in a villa or apartment, they can start from scratch once they have chosen the destination:

  • They might use a travel agent
  • Or look in the local paper
  • Look online
  • Ask their friends, relatives, people at work

Now which is the easiest thing to do?

What do I mean by theming your marketing?

I once worked in a police headquarters administration department.

On the local intranet, quite a few officers had a villa in spain, or an apartment in lanzarote, a gite in france or something similar somewhere else.

They advertised their properties for free, using this service and were fully booked for the season.

The owners did not have to advertise outside, anywhere else.

This effectively was word of mouth marketing. People would go, and tell others what a great time they had, some people left messages in the online guest book, always a good thing to encourage, and people talked among themselves at the coffee machine about where they had been or were going on holiday.

As the number of employees numbered around 40 on each floor, someone usually knew someone else who had used the property. A great opportunity for some real feedback of a positive nature (or not of course!) to create a feel good factor and of course, brilliant use of word of mouth marketing.

The property owners also themed their efforts because in effect, they were only advertising to police officers and staff who worked there, and presumably members of their family. Small but very targeted numbers of potential guests. Most people have at least 1 major holiday per year.

Can you do something similar in your working environment?

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