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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Have you thought about a CD Brochure...?

Ok, so you don't have a video camera, and you want to really show off your holiday home to its best advantage. The property, the area, the pool, the local colour and so on.

Well, the next best thing might be to take some digital photographs and produce them on a CD. You can fit loads of pictures on, it is simple to do for most people, and if you are technophobe, it is not outside the realms of possibility you could find someone easily to create what you need.

People these days, really want lots of information. The day of the 1 picture in a brochure have long gone. People are very discerning about their holidays, and while it is true, the package holiday maybe suffering and diy holidays are the latest thing, you need to remember you are competing with a lot of properties, types of holiday, and a mixed market place.d

Choose your best features, what makes your area unique and sell it.

You need to make your "brochure" very very attractive. That said, I would not recommend a sound track of Zorba the Greek, or anything remotely similar, that would be a step too far and could turn people off. Leave the music score to John Williams, he has made millions, he knows what he is doing...!

Good luck with your rentals!

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