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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Use Your "About Us" Page To Connect To Your Potential Guests...

Ponder on this one..... It is a real page from a real site that is competing in a very large market for the destination.

"Here at xxxxxxxxx, we aim to give you the opportunity to make this the holiday of a lifetime in your own private villa - all for the price of a hotel room! As there are so many things to do and even more to see in xxxxxxxx, it is nice to be able to start with a few days of relaxation in your luxury villa with private pool.

All homes are maintained to the highest possible standard and are privately owned, with extras available."

Now tell me where this mentions anything about:
  • Who owns the website?
  • Who the people are who own the villas?
  • WHAT about them?
  • Are they experts on their area?
  • Do they have local knowledge
  • Why I should choose them?

Among other things.

Time and time again people fail to use this opportunity to write something interesting, worthwhile, and friendly to help connect with anyone reading their website. Why do people think that the above kind of statement on their "about us" page fits the criteria as satisfactory information. That is if they have an about us page at all.

This is your chance to shine, tell people who you are, and sell them your little part of the world. YOU are the one who knows it well, has the intimate experience of spending time there, eating in downtown little restaurants, sunbathing on the beaches,and has the story to tell about the locals in your area. Share it, people will love you for it.

Tell your story to the world and people will connect.

This is not the time to enter dullsville and be like everyone else. Just a little bit of thought and you could enhance your site beyond your expectations.

Just for fun, randomly visit half a dozen villa sites and see how many of them hit the personality button? And then decide if you can make changes.

Good luck with your rentals.

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