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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Property Management ..a key to your success...

If a booking agency is taking your bookings or you advertise your property and take bookings yourself, you still need a local person or company to do the cleaning, maintenance and welcoming and be the emergency contact plus be a key holder if necessary. Make sure they speak English, as your guests may not speak the local language.

It is best to ask locally for recommendations for a reliable person or company. Again make it very clear in advance, probably with a contract what service they will provide and to what standards. It is probably worth paying a bit over the market rates to make sure you get the best service, as this is such a key factor in the success of your holiday rental.

You may choose to outsource different parts to different companies, the pool, the garden and the cleaning. I often think people do a better job if that is their specialism. Just because someone knows how to clean a pool, it doesn't necessarily follow that they will know how to clean thoroughly or understand about the technicalities of mediterranean gardening......

Get advice and go with your gut instinct. This is a hugely crucial area to your business so it is worth spending time and effort getting it right. A badly managed property service can destroy your fledgling business.

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