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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Do You Know Where The Most Popular Cyprus Beaches Are For Your Guests...?

Cyprus beaches are renowned because there are no tides and the waters in the main are very safe. What a bonus for a family holiday? You may not be a 100 percent familiar with all areas of the island so if you want to advise your visitors about where to go for a change from being poolside...

Here are the most popular cyprus beaches:


Liminaki Beach - This is the beach directly in front of the marina and stretches from the sea caves on the outskirts of town to the harbour area. There are plenty of facilities to be found here, cafes, restaurants, sun beds, ice cream...Ideal for families and a very popular choice from the cyprus beaches.

Nissi Beach - Probably the most famous of all the cyprus beaches. Beautiful white sand, turquoise waters and plenty of facilities. This is the beach for the younger holiday makers and where all the beautiful people go. Go see it though, it's gorgeous. It is probably the Number 1 for cyprus beaches.

Lanta Bay - If you want a lovely cyprus beach but escape the dizzy heights of Nissi Beach, then move along the coast a little. There are plenty of facilities such as sunbeds, showers, bars and tavernas. Great if you want to read that book you brought!

Ayia Thekla - A personal favourite. Located just past the water park, this beach is perfect for everyone. The shallow waters make it great for the kids, and there is a resident lifeguard, sun beds and shades for hire. The little taverna completes the picture. Get there early as it is extremely popular here with tourists and the locals, but it is lovely...Number 2 in the cyprus beaches book for me.


Fig Tree Bay - A beautiful beach in the heart of Protoras surrounded by fig trees. Very busy in the summer, but a lovely family beach. Facilities available include watersports for the action orientated among, enough tavernas to satisfy everyone and the obligatory sunbeds and sun shades.

Penera Beach - A small cove with plenty of facilities. Many novice scuba divers explore the waters in this area. Plenty of bars and tavernas and you can rent a sunbed and shade.

Konnos Bay - This cyprus beach is located halfway between Protoras and
Ayia Npa. It is a small cove with shallow waters. Watersports are popular here and you have all the usual facilities. This beach is not recommended if you have any kind of walking difficulty because it is only accessible by using a steep pathway.


There is only 1 main beach in the town and it stretches from the Marina
to Mackenzie, consequently it is named Mackenzie beach. There are plenty of places to eat and drink here as the beach area runs parallel with the main promenade area. Lovely to walk along at night time or wander and have a look at the yachts during the day.


The main beach runs just about the whole length of Limassol. In fact it is one of the longest coastlines in Europe. It has everything you could think of, watersports, fishing, new cafes have been built right by the waters edge recently, and there is a very nice coastal walk that runs past many of the top hotels. A lovely thing to do after dinner if you are in town and want to walk off the 3 course meal you just had..including dessert...!

Governors Beach - So called because it used to be frequented by the governor of Cyprus in days gone by, when the British ran the island. It can be found to the East of Limassol and has a very nice taverna close by.

Ladies Mile - West of Limassol and allegedly so called because the beach is still in the Sovereign Base Area belonging to the British, and it was used by the ladies of the officers who were serving there in days gone by.They could promenade along this beach and not be too far from home.

Nowadays it is popular with everyone, locals and tourists alike and it is particularly child friendly in the list of cyprus beaches because it is shallow for quite a long way into the sea. It is also the longest beach on the island and you need a car, be prepared it is a bumpy ride but lovely when you get there. There are a several tavernas and they offer very nice local food.

Curium Beach - If you have the time it would be worthwhile to spend some time driving up to the beautifully preserved amphitheatre that sits above the beach. A beautiful view awaits you and a lot of history to take in. This beach is quite pebbly/sandy and has 3 excellent tavernas to choose from. A personal favourite is Chris Blue Beach Taverna in the middle. The octopus is wonderful...!!

Take care here, the currents can be a little strong sometimes.

Pissouri Beach - This is actually about 15 minutes from Limassol but well worth the drive. It is a very pebbly/sandy beach and may not suit everyone but the location is lovely. If you are looking for cyprus beaches with local atmosphere this one will be for you. You drive through vineyards to get to the sea. There are several tavernas to choose from for some lovely local food. If you can spare the time, combine your day out with a trip up into the village. It is one of the most lovely in Cyprus, and try not to leave without seeing the new Columbia Beach Resort Hotel. It is the only hotel in the area, but one of the most lovely you will see. The setting is perfect and you might wish you had stayed there instead!


Coral Bay - This is a very popular beach and just north of Paphos town. 15 years ago this area used to be just a beach and a taverna. Now there is a thriving resort. The beach is lovely and sandy and well used by local families. Take care here as the currents can be a little strong sometimes.

Lara Bay - Very beautiful part of the island and home to the famous green turtles. This beach is usually only accessible when on jeep safari in a fourwheel drive vehicle. There aren't any facilities here and people don't swim. It is worth mentioning to be aware of if you want to go on jeep safari. It is part of the Akamas National Park.

Latchi - Again, years ago this was a jetty and a fish restaurant and now it is a thriving resort. One of the most peaceful parts of the island, the beach is pebbley but lovely. It doesn't usually get too crowded even in high summer. It is a relatively unspoiled area and you have the ridge of the Akamas Peninsula as a is just beautiful.

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