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Sunday, August 14, 2005

This Is How To Promote A Villa...

Everyone wants to have the best property for rental, so why not take a tour with me on this one and see what grabs your attention. You can take the "elements" of it and use it for your own part of the world.

The following website, to my mind is a brilliant example of what a villa for rent site should be. After all you want people to visit don't you? You are selling what you have and in this day and age you have to sell better than the next person.
Particularly if you live on a complex of similar designs. This information is as relevant to you if you have property in France, Florida or Fiji. The principals are the same.

Differentiate or die as they say...

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So what exactly is it about Villa Hanorah? Well let me tell you...

The Website:

It is very clear, well laid out and has a simple colour choice.

The Photographs are excellent, a good size so you can see things clearly and the text is written in a really friendly style.

I feel I could really get to know the owners as friends, and if I brought children, they would be most welcome and very well looked after.

The Villa Page:

I loved the personal comments from the guests, it makes you connect with the villa.

The Tour:

The photographic tour gives you a good insight into the property. The size, the quality of the decor and furnishings and a little peek at the local area.

The Services Page:

Well, the services offered are about as comprehensive as you could hope they would be.

I liked the idea that safety was mentioned, this is an oft overlooked area but very important.

The Welcome Book is a great feature. Lots of personal comments from previous guests who really want to tell you what a lovely time they had. I always think that customer testimonials are priceless. You can't buy the real thing. If you can get people to write to you with their thoughts, feelings and comments about their holidays in your property, use them at EVERY opportunity.

The Photo Album is smashing. You can get so many pictures set up. Have a page for this where possible. People really like to see what the area has to offer. In this region you get a marvellous idea of the location before you even set foot in Turkey.

The Floor Plan is a great idea too. Some people like a physical representation of the size of the property. Don't know why, they just do..


This was written in a very personable style, I felt the owners really wanted to connect with their guests and make a friend before they had even met you..

Private Cook & Chauffeur

What a fabulous treat to offer your guests. If your guests have a special occasion or even if they don't, but they fancy something different, how lovely to be able to hand over the kitchen to a local cook who will serve up some traditional meals or have the chauffeur take you down town to a wonderful restaurant. I think they should come as standard for everyone's holiday.


If I had children I would feel very much at home with this family looking after the kids. There is a sense of care with them. It is important to emphasise babysitting as it is a crucial service that can be offered, but people need to feel at ease with who they are leaving their children with.
It is worth thinking about how you would approach writing about this service.

Guest Reviews

Already mentioned briefly, but it is worth you having a complete page for them. ASK your guests for them. It would be a suprise if they did not oblige!

FREE Travel Planning Service

This is a golden nugget. How many other people offer this kind of service. Most people offer their property for rent, they take the money, they move on.

For continual business you have to IMPRESS your guests. They may never have been to your part of the world. Help them out, give them ideas of where to go and what to do. Tell them abou t the cruises they can take, get involved with local suppliers to organise a jeep safari for a special price, or a diving lesson or fishing or whatever. This family offer a half day excursion to a local sight. You could do the same. No one knows your area like YOU do.

Weekly Rates

I liked this page because it is clear and straightforward. No Supplements or silliness. They even include a trip to a mountain village and BATH ROBES....(I love that!!)

I think it means they are in the bathroom, not for you to take away. It saves clutter in your suitcase.

Special offers are clear and they also include a very sensible REFERRAL FEE.

This is just not used enough. If people are kind enough to refer business to you, be kind enough to reward them. No question. Incentivise people to give you business, it is much more cost effective than advertising by traditional means.


Some top tips here, very useful information about all sorts of things.

Their terms and conditions are very comprehensive but don't send you to sleep..!


This is a very comprehensive are covering such themes as:

Historical sites and culture

Diving and Fishing

Health and Beauty


Reading this page I feel as thought I know more about where I would be going and what to expect when I get there. Personal experiences are a great way to get this sort of information across. Ask your guests if they have a particular favourite in any category and would they be prepared to write a few sentences. A bottle of wine for their trouble could be in order. After all no one expects you to have been to every single restaurant in the area, but a good cross section of opinions could be brought together by the end of the season.

Another incentive could be a free meal in exchange for a review or something like that.

You know what will work in your area.


I loved this because "no, I didn't know" about such and such. Enlightening reading...

Lastly but not least...


What a smashing idea. It gets people involved, it shows off your area, if you ask nicely people may be prepared to allow you to use the photograph. People like a competition.

Maybe you could offer something to the children of the party, a treasure hunt, or the best sea shell or something. Anything to get people involved with your, your site and your property.

I hope you found some useful tips. A big well done to Villa Hannorah for a great site..!!

Good luck with your rentals.

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