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Sunday, August 14, 2005

How To Promote A Village Style House...

A Village house advert/website should embody everything that is unique and special about the country where the property is to be found.

I want to show you what I mean. When you look at the pictures I want you to think about what you see, how it makes you feel and about what elements you could use to create your own village idyll within your own advert.

This is one website with 2 properties. Both have bucket loads of character and tons of original features, the crucial elements of a village house for rent.

The Website:

The whole feel of this website "smacks" of Greece. The colours, the flowing writing, the beautifully composed photographs of the two cottages. You see imaginative photography, slightly angular shots, the corner of room, a door slightly ajar, a hint of red geranium, sunlight filtering through the windows ....gorgeous!

The slide show depicting the locale has just enough interest to give you an idea of what you will find, when you get there, because this website makes you want to visit...and spend some time in a beautiful greek cottage, in a village far away where time has stood still.

Now the houses...

The Olive Pickers House:

You really get a taste of what is to come with this cottage. The traditional blue and white of Greece, the traditional geraniums, the terracotta pot and a table ready for your alfresco dining on a warm balmy evening..just pop the wine cork and you are there.

The kitchen is very simpley furnished but you know you have enough to make that all important coffee and toast. This little blue kitchen will be your home from home, but you won't mind the washing up, the view is better.

The living room has rustic pine furniture all in keeping with a cottage feel, an open fire even unlit gives you a sense of comfort and homliness and a glimpse of stone floor and walls reminds you of a life gone by that existed without the mod cons and wall to wall carpet that we so take for granted.

The bedrooms are simply furnished with more rustic pine, in keeping with a village home and simple flowers to decorate the room.

These are elements of a bigger picture but you have filled in the gaps already in your mind.

The Old Wine Press:

A slightly different property, adjacent to the olive pickers house. This is two storeys with wooden floors.

You get the same sense of what the property is about through the photography.

The point about it really is: Think about who will view your property, what will they be expecting and how can you show them what you have to best advantage.

Look at a lot of properties on the internet, get brochures from the travel agents and think of your advert in the same terms they think about when they publish a brochure.

You are selling a lifestyle and an image. Even more so than if you have a villa or apartment in a modern block. It is a completely difference type of guest. People who choose this kind of holiday want to experience what your location has to offer, the sites, the sounds and the smells.

They want tradition, "real life" and culture.

Give it to them.....

Good luck with your rentals...

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