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Monday, August 08, 2005

How To Make People Click On YOUR Villa...

Internet has become the fastest growing way to advertise a rental property on the net. There are no geographical boundaries and the world has access 24/7 to your property.

This also means now that competition is fierce as people try to promote their rentals in the same places that you are looking to advertise.

How can you stand out from the crowd. Well actually it is not as difficult as you might think.

The first place you have start is by actually looking at the photographs you are trying to promote your property with. No doubt they will be digital but even if you use a standard camera and the same rules apply.

We all know in the property world that location is everything. Well in the rental marketing world PRESENTATION is everything.

How are you presenting your property...?

I am going to show you some examples of rentals, which, in my opinion stand out from the crowd.


This property is 1 bedroom apartment attached to another house.
Please click on the blue link for more details to see the property advert. It will open in a new window.

The Summer House,Peyia Cyprus

Superb self-contained apartment, part of a village house with wonderful features and character
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What I like about this property is immediately I can see it is cottagey and cosy for 2, with the tables and chairs. The open doorway suggests there is more to see.

Further photographs suggest what the atmosphere is like, the colour of the local flowers add to the pictures, the pool looks inviting, the furniture is rustic.

It presents a cosy intimate holiday with a rustic feel and this is what you will experience. The owners have got it just right.

The next property is a 2 bedroom apartment in a complex with shared pool. Click on the blue click for details button. The link will open up in a new window.

Paradise Gardens III,Kato Paphos Cyprus

Affordable luxury in 2 bedroom apartment. Ideally located minutes from Paphos town, beaches,shops, nightlife and harbour.Special offers!
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I am only interested in the first couple of pictures of this property. What catches your eye is the colour of the furniture. You dont see the outside of the complex, and the layout of the property is like thousands of others. What stops you in your tracks is the definate red.

Secondly the kitchen is a bog standard white but it looks "dressed". Remember you don't have to necessarily have everything in the property after you take the photograph, but a stark white kitchen is most unattractive.

This one isn't. Stage your rooms. Beg, steal or borrow bits and pieces. However, I am not advocating to you have a full flat when you take pictures and then empty it for the rental. You have to make your guests feel comfortable. Use common sense and judgement.

It is their holiday, not a "boot camp".

(I hope the other pictures improve, it will make a nice slideshow.)
The next property is a 2 bedroom villa with a sea view. The link will open up in a new window.

Villa Thisbe,Coral Bay Cyprus

Spacious 2 bed villa. Ideal location - 2 mins walk from beach, 5 from bars & shops of Coral Bay village. Brand new (2004) - private pool.
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What I love about this advert is that the first picture of the villa is actually from the back. BUT, you get to see immediately what a fanastic view of the area you get and you can see how close to the see you are. Visual is often better than words.

You can "say" you are 5 minutes from the see but here you can "see" it. No doubt about it. Picture No 4 also emphasises the fact again, it shows the sea nicely through a bedroom window and through the verandah. I also like the last picture of the front of the house.

You only see 1 house not the whole estate. The pool and kitchen pictures could be better, but overall you get an immediate sense of what and where you are renting.

A modern villa very close to the sea.

The next property is a large villa with 4 bedrooms. An executive type property with sea views and a private pool. The link will open up in a new window.

Villa Zephyrus,Paphos Cyprus

All-season villa - Paphos Cyprus. Spacious, luxurious, private, exclusive. Heated pool, gardens, vineyard, sea and mountain views, at edge of village.
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The main photograph is appealing, through the pergola, over the swimming pool to the sea beyond. Who wouldn't be interested in that?

With this property you get a sense of space, quality of furnishings and fittings and that lovely glimpse of the gorgeous italian kitchen through the arched doorway.

This adverts talks quality holiday to me. What does it say to you?

************************************************************************************* This property is a 2 bed terraced villa with shared pool on a complex.

My final choice is actually my favorite for a number of reasons...

Aurora Villa,Paphos Cyprus

A well equipped, stylishly furnished terraced villa, on a quiet, small development. Large pool. Beach, shops and restaurants in walking distance
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Although this property is not detached, or on its own, the pictures of the property really make you want to look further into it.

The night picture actually catches your eye in a sea of daylight pictures. The pool looks lovely, the surrounding areas are lit nicely. You could imagine spending a balmy evening in this lovely development.

The other pictures potray an elegant, well set up villa, beautifully staged. It is well decorated, looks very comfortable, a queen size bed is wonderful, and the balcony overlooking the pool looks fabulous.

It is a very well presented property and will no doubt do well for bookings.


So what have we learned from this?:

  • You have to show off your best feature first
  • You have to buy decent furniture and decorate well
  • You have got to take decent pictures they speak louder than words
  • Don't forget pictures at night as they can look fabulous
  • You need to stage your property for photographs
  • You are in competition with your neighbour so make yours look better


    Good luck with your rentals.

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