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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Apartment Looks Awful..but I Want It Now...!!

Well, frankly this apartment doesn't actually look that great, but you know wouldn't really matter because the rest of what you see is FABULOUS!

In fact the picture of the studio comes last! What you do get to see is the complete picture of the area, the vibrancy, the colour, the people, the culture, everything you could possibly imagine about a place.

The concept that the whole thing is squashed into a small area frankly doesn't mean a whole damn lot.

Your mind is there, you want to go and you decided because of the fantastic pictures.

If this page doesn't emphasise to you how you need to present your little piece of wherever, then I give up. You ain't gonna get it ...

AND I can hear you say "but I don't live in Nice, or anywhere that glamorous" and I say, well, what did you like about where you bought your holiday home, there must be something to take a picture of?

If you can't think of anywhere to photograph and turn into a lovely montage like this..then don't bother, and live among the hordes of the average for ever more and continue to complain that you don't have any bookings....

YOU HAVE TO SELL YOUR PRODUCT - unless you just want to rent it to a few friends for the odd week...

What do you think?

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