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Sunday, April 03, 2005

How To Get Your Guests To Sell Your Villa Weeks For You...

Owning a villa and marketing it can be quite time consuming, cost quite bit of money and not always work for you. It depends on how much time you have got, what your budget is and really you have to have some knowledge of the workings of marketing to really get value for money and not be taken for a ride.

This is covered in other posts in the blog but you can also offer incentives to current guests and potential guests of the future, and you could really harness the value of your repeat guests.

Your guests are vital to your business, you want to book up as many weeks of the year as possible. People who are repeat guests are obviously converts to Cyprus and your property.

They are pleased with what you offer and how much they pay for the weeks they visit. They are the best testimonials you could have for your cyprus villa for rent.

Obviously Cyprus is a year round destination which means you get a lot more opportunity to rent your property in cyprus than say a villa owner in Greece.

You may not rent your property during the winter months, this may be your time for rest and relaxation and holidays.

Even so, every little helps.

People like to receive things for free. We have already discussed in previous posts, incentives are a useful way to make your Cyprus villa look a more attractive package than your neighbours.

Why not offer the same idea to your guests who bring you bookings for other weeks of the year.

You could offer:

1 week booking from a friend = 1 free days holiday for them.

2 week booking from a friend = 2 free days holiday for them.

And so on, if they filled your villa for 7 weeks, they would get a week's free accommodation.

You would obviously have to do your homework, but the point is, you don't have to pay for advertising to get those guests, they also could get involved in your "free holidays" scheme and the whole thing could snowball, until you have more than enough guests booking weeks in the property.

Of course, the incentive could be anything, it could be free car hire, free water park passes, free meals at local restaurants.

Another idea might be to get together with a local holiday rep and offer to buy tickets to main events in good hotels. A cyprus night, or a special entertainer that has a good reputation.

The rep will be pleased as they earn commission on the deal (they might split it with you), you are happy because you have bookings in your property and your guests are happy because they have something for helping you out.

The possibilities are there, you just have to be creative about them.

Advertise your incentives to guests when they arrive in your property, probably in the guest manual, at the back and of course on your website.

Good luck with your rentals.

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