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Monday, April 18, 2005

Don't buy cheap...!!!

As an owner of a single cyprus apartment or villa, or if you manage several, one of the areas that needs a good quality products that will last falls under Linen.

You need the best quality sheets and bedding that will wash and wash and still look good after a whole season or two, plus you will also want to buy some great towels for the bathroom and some robust ones for the beach and poolside.

If you have a golf property, excellent towels are useful and if you have sunloungers you want a towel that covers the whole thing and doesn't fall off, particularly if it is a bit windy! How many towels end up in the pool?

Children like to have their own fun towels on holiday, the latest cartoon character towel in the cupboard will make any child smile and their parents will be grateful that they don't have to buy an extra suitcase just to carry them.

If you have an up-market property, bathrobes will be a lovely touch for your guests. How about getting the villa name embroidered on the back. It will make a lovely souvenir, as your guests could purchase them, rather like in the best hotels.

We like this UK site, it has everything you could possibly want for your rental and the prices are brilliant. You could get together with a few other people in your block or street and bulk purchase to save money....!

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