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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Welcome Packs...

Welcome packs are such an easy thing to organise and such a godsend to your guests. No-one wants to be trailing around at 4 am looking for the makings of a cup of tea or a bit of toast, or searching for much needed loo roll!

Think about it from your perspective. How would you like to be searching without the knowledge of the nearest supermarket or possibly without transport because the rental office doesn't open till 10 am. Think what you would like and you won't go far wrong...

Here is a basic list to get you going...

Milk - 1 ltr at least in the fridge will be a very welcome site.

Juice - 1 lt of orange - a refreshing greeting to your guest arrivals.

Mineral water - 1 ltr at least - Cyprus water is very safe, but some people prefer the bottled variety.

Beer - a 4 pack of Keo would be a nice introduction to the national brand.

Wine - A least 1 bottle of red but a bottle of red and a chilled bottle of white would be very nice particularly if you live in a wine growing area. Your guests will love the thought.

Tea - Bags and preferably not the hideous Liptons variety in the yellow box. Awful!

Coffee - Sachets are a brilliant idea - stay fresh and used as and when required.

Filter coffee - if you have a machine, it would be nice if you provided the coffee for it.

Salt and Pepper - sachet idea is a great way of not having empty boxes lying in the cupboard, or a pepper mill gunged up.

Loo roll - essential.

Washing up liquid or dishwasher tablets if you have a dishwasher. Don't expect your guests to have to buy them.

Bin Bags - keep them under the sink.

Some nice extras...

Olive oil - particularly if from local olive trees.

Vinegar - to go with the oil for salads.

Cleaning materials - some basic stuff might be nice like loo cleaner, Jif etc

Cloths would come in handy as would a mop and bucket probably and maybe some rubber gloves.

Clothes pegs and somewhere to hang wet smalls is always useful.

Just think of the things you would like to make your holiday a home from home, and what you would need in that first 24 hours after arrival and you won't go wrong.

Happy renting...

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