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Monday, March 28, 2005

Swimming Pool Maintenance

This is without doubt the best manual on the market.

The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual

For a super website that has been around for a very long time, and is completely useful for anyone who owns a swimming pool.

The other option if you are not on hand is to employ someone who has skills in pool cleaning. This could be from the company who installed your pool or it could be a local contractor who advertises. Either way, be aware pool cleaning and maintenance does not come cheap. Chemicals can be expensive, and do not underestimate the time it takes for someone to maintain a pool correctly.

The larger your pool, the more time and money will be involved. Contractors will generally work on an hourly rate plus chemicals, or charge you per visit.

The important thing is the job is done properly, the last thing you want is a paying guest complaining about your green pool, or their children going home with an ear infection.

When you ask for feedback about your guests holiday, ask them questions about the pool, the cleanliness, did they see the "pool guy" etc, they will soon let you know if things are not ok......


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