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Monday, March 28, 2005

Promotional Marketing...

Promotional marketing for your villa can be so easy. When you create your guest/welcome manual, you might want to provide a small souvenir for your guests to take away with them when they leave, to remind them what a lovely holiday they just had. At the same time you will be sending out your marketing message.

You can do this for each of your guests throughout the season, you just provide the items and you or your property management team can incorporate them into the changeover schedule.

Very simple and inexpensive and very easy to initiate.

Postcards are easy to get printed. Make sure you get a really professional photograph printed. In fact if you have a special property in a spectacular area, get several photographs taken and either create a number of different postcards, each with a view, or create one card with a collage of pictures. Make sure on the back you have your name and contact details, and email address. Make sure people also know that your property is in Cyprus.

It might be nice to have..."Greetings from Cyprus".. or "Look where we are"... or something similar. Bear in mind people will send their postcards to the office (how many people might see it...!) or to their family and friends at home. In fact people send postcards to any number of places.

Think how many people will see that postcard, between leaving Cyprus and getting to it's destination. It is free marketing...!!

People also collect postcards as a hobby. Make yours one to collect.

Fridge Magnets are collected by people the world over. Why not make your holiday home into one and give it away with your contact details on.

They are created in much the same way as your postcard. An image is created and placed onto a magnet. Simple yet brilliant, and your details are consistently in front of people on their fridge!

Letterheads and envelopes. Why not send back your electricity bill or your phone bill with your marketing message on the envelope. Makes your council tax return a lot more useful to you...! Leave them for your guests and they can write home, or make a gift of the stationery set and let your guests take it home.

Mugs. You can get mugs printed with your villa on and your details. Give them away, use them in the house. Everyone drinks tea or coffee out of mugs, give them one of yours at the office.

Pens. Very cheap and easy to get printed with your details. Give them away, and have them all over the villa. People always need a pen.

Keyrings. Put your message on the key ring and use for the villa house key and give one away as a souvenir. Make sure you have all contact details on it.

T-Shirts. Everyone will love to take home a souvenir T shirt. Why not have one with your villa on it.

Baseball or Sun Hats. Very useful in the hot weather in Cyprus.

These are just a few ideas. You will no doubt be very creative with your own thoughts.

Here is our favourite online store for Postcards etc...Click Marketing & Promotion

Comprehensive promotional marketing ideas can be found here...

If you are thinking this sounds all too expensive, then don't forget you will be including it as part of your costs and including it as a part of the rental charge. The benefits though will outweigh the cost.

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