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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Photographing Your Property For Rental Online...

Please please never advertise your property on the Internet without a photograph!

The old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words, is never more important than when advertising online. How many internet sites have you looked at only to be confronted with either no photographs or appalling ones?

You can write as much as you like about your property but people will without exception ask you for pictures. There is no getting round the fact.

So, what is the best way to produce a fabulous photograph of your property?

Ideally have it taken digitally and professionally. It might sound expensive but the photographer will know how to take a good photograph. You can write off the cost in the rental fees. Consider it as part of the marketing budget!

Take the photograph on a sunny day. Rain will not make for an attractive shot and snow only looks great on houses in snowy regions. If you can't take the photograph, ask a neighbour or friend or better still, the professional photographer.

Early morning or evening produces some really nice light for the outside shots.

Having people in the picture is down to you. If it was my greek neighbour dressed in her widows weeds, it might look charming and local. Her smiling face and twinkling blue eyes add to the feel and reinforce the fact I live in a village. Think about who it is and would it add any value!

Absolutely, do not have cars in the photograph if you can avoid it. Enough said..!

What are the best parts of your home?. Have you got a fireplace? Do you have a lovely pool area? Emphasise the best parts as the focal point. No one wants to see pictures of a corner of the bed and a floor, or the fridge.

If the location of your property is lovely, emphasise that in your ad and have at least one photograph showing the view. It gives people a broader idea. Dont just show the interior, people
may assume the area is awful.

By the same token, how many sites have photographs of the outside and nothing of inside. It is maddening from a viewers point of view. Find a happy medium.

If you have just bought a property from a developer, they may be kind enough to allow you to use their photographs. You might have to beg, but it saves you time and effort. Bear in mind, they pay a lot for marketing photographs and they are effective. You thought so...! You bought from them.

If you have small rooms, the photographers trick of standing on a chair may help. You look down at the room and you can get more in the photograph.

Show off your best features, people will focus on them and not be concerned if they like what they see. They will mentally compensate for what may not be there.

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