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Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Guest Manual...

This is a suggested list of what you should include in your “Guide For Guests”. Print it out and put it in a book of plastic envelopes what can be found at most good newsagents and stationers. It is a nice idea to add a picture of you and your family in your property, to emphasise that it is your home.

Front Page

Address of Property, Telephone Number and date the list was updated. A contact number for you Property Management Team in case of any problems.



About the town and local area.

Shopping, Restaurants, Pubs, Museums, Galleries that are local to your rental. You know where the best restaurants are, share with your guests the places you like to go. Maybe you can offer your guests a free meal on their first night to welcome them. They will love that thoughtful gesture even though it is included in the price.

Leisure Activities in the area

Golf, Sailing, Horse-Riding, Tennis, Beaches, Walks and so on. Go to the local tourist board and collect lots of brochures about what is happening locally, or at least provide the directions to the local tourist office near you. Remember your guests may never have been to your part of the world before.

How Things Work And Other Housekeeping

Heating, Hot Water, Kitchen Appliances, Bathrooms, Washing Machine/Dryer, TV/Video/DVD, Telephone, Gas Bottles etc. Essential if you don't want things broken.

The Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool at your property you may well have your own “poolman”.
Make sure you leave a phone number for him for your guests. Nothing panics guests more than a swimming pool with a “problem”. Take away the worry. Include mobile number and email address, fax and home numbers.

House Rules

Rubbish disposal, noise etc
Emergency and Other Assistance
Hospital, Doctor, Police, Plumbing, Electricity, Gas , other problems, etc. Directions to the nearest clinic are always helpful. People do become ill on holiday and worry. Take away that worry

From a marketing perspective...

This is a great opportunity to include:

* A business card with your address, website details etc for your guests to take away with them for future use, or pass on to their friends and family.

* Some postcards with your property details on. A professional photograph, website details, phone numbers etc. People can pass on to their friends, family or colleagues. They can post one too from your location to back home and the office.

* Fridge magnets, with details of your property on. A great souvenir and a great marketing tool.

* Pens with your details on. People always walk off with the pen, at least have a marketing message on it.

* A souvenir key ring. Guests can take it when they leave, and it has your marketing message on it.

You can make sure you have a stash of items for the season, and ask your property management people to resupply between changeovers, that way all guests have something to remind them of their visit and gives you the opportunity to spread the word.

Don't forget to include a guest book at your property, and use the positive comments in your marketing literature, be it brochure or website or both.

Good luck with your rentals.

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