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Monday, March 28, 2005

10 Common Questions Your Guests Will Ask...

Are linen and towels provided?

Guests like to know if they have to bring their own beach towels. If possible try and provide these items, they take up a lot of room in the suitcase.

Is there a maid service?

Your guests don't really want to have to wash their sheets or do the laundry, after all it is their holiday...!

Can arrive at the villa before 3 pm?

Or whatever time you have deemed as the check in time. This is an important issue because between check in and check out your property will need to be cleaned so you need to give your cleaner enough time, so be fair to them before you answer the question to your guest, or you may have to find a new cleaner.

On the other hand, your guests need to book flights and will not want to hang around Larnaca or Paphos killing time.

Be clear about your check in times, and if you allow your guests to arrive earlier, make sure you write it down, tell your cleaner, and be aware of the people leaving your property on that day.

Can we stay longer than the confirmed vacation time of 10 am?

Again you will need to liaise with your cleaner and be aware of incoming guests.

If no-one is arriving that day, you probably won't have an issue.

Where do we pick up our keys?

Good question. You could post a set to your guests, you could leave a set under the mat, or you could give them to your property management team who may meet them on arrival at the airport, or at the property. Whatever your arrangments, you must never ever leave your guests standing around waiting for keys to enter the property. They will not be happy and may then have cause to nit-pick throughout the holiday.

Is their a welcome pack provided?

You might well provide one and charge for it accordingly as a seperate item. However, it might be prudent to provide one as a standard and include it in the price of the rental. Your guests will appreciate it. There is a specific post about welcome packs in this blog for you to read.

Is there an iron and ironing board available?

Travel irons are useful but it will be once less thing for your guests to pack if you can provide and iron and ironing board for them to use. Accept that it may get broken, and ask your property management company to check it periodically if you are not on hand yourself, to make sure it works and is safe to use, ie no bare flex etc.

Does the property have a safe?

It will be an added bonus for your guests if you can provide a safe. Valuables such as cash, jewelry and passports will be secure and that will provide peace of mind. A safe can be purchased fairly cheaply these days. Don't forget what the combination is in case your guest does. You will need to advise the people who look after your property, in case they get a phone call for help.

Do you have a cot?

Often essential for guests with small children. They don't want to have to bring one themselves on an aircraft. Make sure it is on the cleaning rota, before your guests arrive. It should be thoroughly cleaned each time it is used, and you should have as much bedding for it as you have for the adult beds, if not more.

Have you got satellite TV?

You may baulk at the idea of having TV in your property, you may think people should not come on holiday to watch the soaps, but, not everyone does, and people still like to keep up with the news in their home country. It might actually be a benefit to your bookings. Make sure you have all of the most popular news channels, films and very importantly if you have families..the childrens channels and cartoon networks. Mum and dad will appreciate it...!

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