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Monday, February 21, 2005

How To Make Your Rentals Fly...

There is no doubt that owning a second property is very much in vogue at the moment, but for most people the key to keeping this asset a viable option is to put it into the holiday rental market.

Competition is fierce, there are so many properties competing for attention, how DO you make yours stand out in a crowd?

The key to your marketing is to grab peoples' attention, stimulate their interest, create a desire in them and give them a reason to do something about it, ie book your property.

4 Ways To Make Your Property Stand Out...

Grab attention with the Headline

Who is it you are trying to attract? You can't attract everyone, so who is your target market?

  • Families
  • Couples
  • Honeymooners
  • Golfers
  • Windsurfers
  • Older Generation
  • Clubbers
  • Single Parents

The possibilites are endless but you get the picture...You don't want to waste peoples time if you are not offering what they are looking for. For example if you live in a golfing community but don't tell people, how will they know, and if they don't know they will move on to somewhere else, because you appear not to offer what they are looking for.

Assume people know nothing about where you live and advise them accordingly. If you have the perfect place for a single parent and their children, let them know. If your property is ideal for a honeymoon, make sure you advertise the fact.

Stimulate their interest with The Write Up

The fact you have 2 beds and 2 baths and a pool are obviously features of your property and of course people need to know if the accommodation is big enough before they book.

However, this is not the information that should be at the top of your write up.

Be emotional and descriptive about your home, where it is, maybe the reason you bought in the area, what is special about the place. Give your text some depth of feeling and inspire your potential reader to sense the taste and smells of your chosen destination and transport
them to your part of the world.

Which sounds better?

2 bed villa in Paphos. 5 minutes from the sea. Swimming Pool, BBQ, close to shops.

or: *********************************************************

Only minutes from the med, our super child friendly villa awaits you and your family for an unforgettable holiday in Paphos.

Days of endless swimming in your own private pool, balmy nights on the terrace with a view to die for and the perfect place for alfresco dining.

At the end of the day you can watch the Paphos sun go down, smell the jasmine and relax and kick off your shoes.

You're on holiday in your own private paradise, miles from a crowded world.

If you need to rejoin the human race, the shops are only 5 minutes walk away.


It just makes it sound a bit more interesting don't you think?

Now you want to stimulate Desire
with your Photographs.

The photographs are absolutely essential... You can always live without text, but photographs will do more to interest someone ultimately than the words.

At the same time if pictures don't match the words you may be in trouble.

People have different thoughts about what shots to take, but ultimately, remember you are selling your property to the viewer. As they scroll through the pictures you need to give them something to stop in their tracks for. Give them a "wow" factor.

Try this exercise, go through some of the villa pages on the web site (, scroll down.

What makes YOU
stop and look at a property? Now look through the rest of the pictures for that accommodation, and read the text. Do they go together? What makes the pictures interesting, and conversely look at what makes you disappointed.

Do you see the connection. Now apply the same principles to your photographs. Bear in mind people like to have some idea of the inside and outside and the views. People like to know what the standard of accomodation is and does it match up to their expectation of the price being asked.

You can combine an indoor shot, to include a view through say a window out towards the sea. It covers, inside, the quality of furniture, and a view all at the same time.

The pool is important to feature, this is central to many a persons' holiday. If you have one, take a photograph of it, but dress it a bit. Deck chairs and a lilo nearby, give the picture some interest. Put up your sun brolly, dress the table etc

Take a leaf out of the glossy holiday brochures, they pay a fortune for photographs, follow their ideas. They know how to sell a holiday.

It is true "a picture paints a thousands words"

Now you have stimulated their interest you want Action

You want people to book your accommodation for their holiday and you have made a grand job of the write up and the photographs. What else can you do?

Freebies are always an incentive. Such as including car hire, maybe for a few days at your expense. What about offering a couple of nights out at a local restaurant or a 5 star hotel dinner for honeymooners, that sort of thing.

The list is endless, and mostly inexpensive. In the grand scheme of things the benefits to your customer can often outweigh the cost to you. If it means the difference between you having the rental or your neighbour, go for it. You will become very creative in your

Good luck with your rentals.

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