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Thursday, November 09, 2006

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Friday, October 20, 2006

My Holiday Home...

This is a link to a website with my holiday home which is now rented out on long term contract.

This should inspire you if you want to buy a wreck and do it up for fun!

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Foreign Office Travel Advice ...For Your Guest Manual

The information is from the Foreign Office, and useful to guests who like to be "in the know" about where they visiting, once they get there....


  • Cyprus shares with the rest of Europe a threat from international terrorism.
  • Crimes against tourists are uncommon
  • Cyprus has a strict policy of zero tolerance towards drugs
  • Driving standards are poor, drive with care and caution
  • Beware of strong seas and only swim at approved beaches
  • We strongly recommend that you obtain comprehensive travel and medical
    insurance before travelling.
  • Before purchasing property anywhere in Cyprus you are strongly advised to seek
    independant qualifed legal advice



Cyprus shares with the rest of Europe a threat from international terrorism. Attacks
could be indiscriminate and against civilian targets.


There have been a number of bombings and torching of cars, mainly in the Limassol
and Nicosia areas over a few years. Although the perpetrators have rarely been identified, these activities are restricted for the most part to in fighting among the criminal fraternity.

Crimes against tourists are uncommon. You should, however, safeguard passports, money and other valuables by using safety deposit boxes where available.

Political Situation

The Republic of Cyprus is full member of the EU. But the country remains divided by theGreen Line which separates the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus from the rest of the island. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not recognised by the British Government.

Local Travel

The partial lifting of restrictions on crossing the Green Line allows Cypriots to cross at designated crossing points from the north to the south. It is possible to travel to the north of cyprus from the south by crossing at several checkpoints, including at Ledra Palace, which is for pedestrians only. You are strongly advised, however, to check the insurance implications with your car hire company before doing so. It is possible to hire a car once you have crossed into
the north. There are controls on the quantities and types of goods that can be purchased in the north and brought into the south. Goods may be confiscated at the checkpoint upon return to the south.

British and foreign nationals who have entered Cyprus through the north are considered by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus to have entered Cyprus through an illegal port of entry. The Government of the Republic of Cyprus reserves the right to fine EU (including British) citizens for the illegal entry if they cross into the south. In practice, their current policy is not to do so.

Road Safety

Cypriot driving regulations are similar to those of the UK and driving is on the left hand side of the road. Driving standards are poor. You may be fined 500 pounds or more if you are caught not wearing a seat belt or crash helmet or if you are using a mobile phone or under the influence of alcohol while driving.

Most roads, including intercity highways are of a good standard. Short term visitors and tourists are permitted to drive on a UK driving licences.

When hiring a car, moped, boat, jetski or other vehicle, you should check that it is road or sea worthy and that you have appropriate insurance cover and safety equipment.

Sea Safety

Bathing is generally safe, but you should be aware of strong seas and undertows. You should always comply with warning signs and swim only from approved beaches.


Cyprus has a strictly enforced zero tolerance policy towards drugs. Being caught in possession of any type of narcotic will usually lead to a prison sentence or a hefty fine.

Do not attempt to make fraudulent claims on your insurance policy. The police investigate such claims and prosecute visitors for this offence. Prison sentences and heavy fines have been imposed.

You should avoid taking photographs near potentially sensitive areas such as military establishments in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Homosexuality is legal in Cyprus, although it is not generally as openly accepted as in UK.


Cyprus is a full member of the European Union. Holders of full British Passports do not require visas.


You should take with you a completed E111 form which should be completed before you leave UK. They are available free of charge from most post offices. This will entitle you to free emergency medical treatment in Cyprus. It is still essential that you obtain comprehensive medical/travel insurance before travelling to the island.

For more information on health, check the Department of Health Website at:


Cyprus occasionally experiences earth tremors but invariably they are very mild.


Purchasing Property

Before purchasing property anywhere in Cyprus you are strongly advised to seek independent qualified legal advice.

The non-recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the possibility of future political settlement in Cyprus could have a significant practical or financial implications for those considering buying property in the north.

There are also specific rules for foreigners purchasing property in the North and you should ensure that you are fully aware of these.

Timeshare/property salespersons tout for business in Cyprus, especially in the Paphos area. You should read the fine print very carefully and seek legal advice before signing any kind of contract. Under Cyprus law you are entitled to a 15-day "cooling off" period during which, if you change your mind
you should receive a full refund of any money paid.


High Commissioner:

Address: British High Commission
Alexander Pallis Street
PO Box 21978
158 Nicosia
or BFPO 567

Telephone: +357 22 861 100

Fax: +357 22 861125 - Information
+357 22 861 175 - Management
+357 22 861 200 - Consular
+357 22 861 150 - Commercial
+357 22 861 315 - Chancery


Office Hours: Mon to Fri: 05.30 -12.30 GMT
Mon to Fri: 07.30 - 12.30 Local Time


Emergency Numbers etc...For Your Guest Manual

Health & Safety / Innoculations

Emergency information

In case of emergency, immediate response is given by the following telephone numbers, where English is spoken everywhere:

Ambulance: 199, 112
Fire Service: 199, 112
Police: 199, 112

Night Pharmacies: 192

or automatic recording for:

Lefkosia 1402 (Nicosia)
Lemesos 1405 (Limassol)
Larnaca 1404
Paphos 1406
Ammochostos 1403 (Protoras, Ayia Napa Area)

AIDS Advisory Centre: +357 22 30 51 55

NARCOTICS Emergency Service: 1401


Lefkosia General Hospital: +357 22 80 14 00, 22 80 14 75 (Accidents & Emergency)
Lemesos General Hospital: +357 25 80 11 00, 25 30 57 70
Larnaca General Hospital: +357 24 80 05 00, 24 80 03 69
Paphos General Hospital: +357 26 80 32 60, 26 30 61 00
Paralimni Hospital: +357 23 82 12 11
Polis Hospital: +357 26 32 14 31
Kyperounta Hospital: +357 25 53 20 21

Medical Services and Hospitals Dialysis Units

Medical care-needs in Cyprus are met through:

1. Government General Hospitals
2. Private Clinics/Hospitals

Government General Hospitals and Private clinics/hospitals are mostly concentrated in urban areas, while health centres, subcentres, and dispensaries function in the rural areas, providing a network to meet the medical needs of the whole population.

All Government General Hospitals as well as some private clinics have Accident and Emergency Departments for emergency cases.

Medical treatment and assistance is offered free of charge to international tourists in case of health emergencies at the Accident and Emergency Department of Government Hospitals/Institutions. Out-patient and in-patient treatment is provided against payment of the prescribed fees. Holiday-makers can also make use of their health insurance, which covers medical expenses, provided that this insurance covers the length of their stay on the island.

Almost all brands of manufactured medicines are available in Cyprus. Local newspapers list pharmacies which are open during the night and on weekends/holidays, as well as the names of doctors who are on call on weekends/holidays.

Information on private doctors on call on weekends / holidays is given by the following telephone numbers:

Ammochostos 1433
Larnaca 1434
Lefkosia 1432
Lemesos 1435
Paphos 1436

Most hotels make arrangements for Medical services for their guests upon request.

The majority of doctors are English speaking.

Private doctors' visiting hours (on weekdays) : 09:00-13:00 hrs and16:00-19:00 hrs.

Cyprus is also free from dangerous infectious diseases.

No vaccination requirements for any international Traveller.

Climatic conditions in Cyprus can be termed as excellent from a health point of view. Therefore, the climate is ideal for holiday travellers throughout the year.

Chemists Opening Hours

Chemists stay open during shopping hours. Names, addresses and telephone numbers of chemists which stay open until late at night, on Public Holidays and on Sundays are listed in the daily papers and on a Friday in the Cyprus Weekly, the english newspaper.

They can also be traced through the following automatic telephones:

Lefkosia: 1412
Lemesos: 1415
Larnaca 1414
Paphos: 1416
Ammochostos: 1413

Health Food Stores with a wide range of high quality health food and health-care products and cosmetics are to be found in almost all towns. Furthermore various health food items and health-care products are found in Pharmacies and also in large supermarkets, all over the island.

Food safety and drinking water quality

In Cyprus the safety of food and drinking water quality is monitored by the Health Inspectors of the Medical and Public Services of the Ministry of Health and the Local Authorities. Food and drinking water are of high quality, absolutely safe and no food or water-bore diseases occur.

Water is safe to drink in Cyprus, as water pollution is negligible and every home has fresh running drinking-water. All the District Water Boards are in constant collaboration with the Government Health Services and the General Laboratory for the prevention of any toxicological and bacteriological infection of water in Cyprus. Tap-water in hotels, restaurants, public premises, etc., is safe to drink.

Safety in Cyprus

Crime in Cyprus is, comparatively, at a very low level. The Police are always ready to assist anyone who needs help. In case of emergency, one may telephone 199 or 112 (in all towns). All policemen speak good English.

(courtesy of CTO)

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Car Hire Tips To Include In Your Guest Manual...

12 tips to make sure your guests have a safe and happy experience...

    Always read the terms and conditions of the car hire provider's website carefully.

  • You may not be given the exact car you ordered - most car hire companies make it clear it will be a particular car or 'similar' and reserve the right to upgrade you to a more expensive model if they cannot supply the one you ordered.

  • Before taking the car away, check the petrol situation. Have you paid for a full tank? How much is actually in the tank? How must you return the car? If you need to return with a full tank check where the nearest petrol station is to the car hire return depot.

  • Clarify the excess situation. Even if you pay to reduce the excess to zero you may still be liable for damage to certain parts of the car i.e. tyres/windscreen

  • Check the insurance covers you for all aspects of your trip, especially if you plan to take your car off road, on unsurfaced or gravel pathways, as you may not be covered.

  • Make sure the paperwork states clearly what you have paid for i.e. insurance, taxes and charges for additional drivers and car seats etc.

  • Ensure you reserve the correct type of car for your needs i.e. is there enough space for you luggage, pram, have you pre-ordered infant seats and given the correct age details?

  • When you collect the car, make thorough checks for any damage to ensure you are not blamed for any you have not done on your return.

  • Ensure you keep the car hire company's contact details with you in case of emergencies. Check if there is any breakdown cover or what to do / who to contact in the event.

  • Check where you need to return the car to. If it is off the airport site, make a note. Make sure you have enough time to drop the car off and get it checked over.

  • Most car rental agreements are made on a ’24 hour’ hire basis. Therefore returning your car late may incur an extra day’s rental to be added to your bill.

  • Check your credit card statements after your hire to ensure that no unauthorised extras have been charged to your card. If they have, request a full explanation of the charges immediately via the broker, or car rental company, keeping a record of any correspondence.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Are Mobile Phones A Good Idea...?

A mobile phone is a useful item to leave in your rental for your guests along with some useful telephone numbers. They may wish to contact a local restaurant to book a table, book car hire, or simply just have a means of communication with them on their travels around the island.

You might want to just charge a deposit for the phone plus the cost of a top up card for the phone when your guests check in or when they book in advance. Your property manager can probably deal with this on your behalf or someone you can trust. You will need to know that someone has not walked off with the phone in their luggage either by mistake or on purpose!

It is also probably a good move to use the least amount of credit and guests can top up when they need to themselves by going to CYTA.

If you use a fresh card with each guest you are not then having to credit bits of money because someone only used 3.37 and they want the rest back....!!

You can use the spare money on the cards on your own phone...

The Cyprus telephone company came up with a really useful product when they created SO EASY.

It is designed for those who wish to enjoy the basic advantages of mobile telephony without signing a contract. By paying in advance (using soeasy top-up Cards) you will be in control of your expenses without having to pay any monthly subscriptions or bills.

Click here for pay as you go information...

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Word of mouth...Golden Advertising...

When you first have an apartment or villa for rent, the whole concept of advertising and locating guests/clients/customers seems like a mountain to climb.

Where do you start, and what is the best method?

  • Newspaper/local free paper?
  • Online?
  • Local/word of mouth?

Well, you should probably be thinking about all of them but the one I like best is, word of mouth and the reason is simple, it is easy to do AND you can theme your marketing very easily. The other major benefit is, it is usually free!

Among a host of other reasons, people will buy from you when they feel safe. When they start to think about their holiday in a villa or apartment, they can start from scratch once they have chosen the destination:

  • They might use a travel agent
  • Or look in the local paper
  • Look online
  • Ask their friends, relatives, people at work

Now which is the easiest thing to do?

What do I mean by theming your marketing?

I once worked in a police headquarters administration department.

On the local intranet, quite a few officers had a villa in spain, or an apartment in lanzarote, a gite in france or something similar somewhere else.

They advertised their properties for free, using this service and were fully booked for the season.

The owners did not have to advertise outside, anywhere else.

This effectively was word of mouth marketing. People would go, and tell others what a great time they had, some people left messages in the online guest book, always a good thing to encourage, and people talked among themselves at the coffee machine about where they had been or were going on holiday.

As the number of employees numbered around 40 on each floor, someone usually knew someone else who had used the property. A great opportunity for some real feedback of a positive nature (or not of course!) to create a feel good factor and of course, brilliant use of word of mouth marketing.

The property owners also themed their efforts because in effect, they were only advertising to police officers and staff who worked there, and presumably members of their family. Small but very targeted numbers of potential guests. Most people have at least 1 major holiday per year.

Can you do something similar in your working environment?

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Have you thought about a CD Brochure...?

Ok, so you don't have a video camera, and you want to really show off your holiday home to its best advantage. The property, the area, the pool, the local colour and so on.

Well, the next best thing might be to take some digital photographs and produce them on a CD. You can fit loads of pictures on, it is simple to do for most people, and if you are technophobe, it is not outside the realms of possibility you could find someone easily to create what you need.

People these days, really want lots of information. The day of the 1 picture in a brochure have long gone. People are very discerning about their holidays, and while it is true, the package holiday maybe suffering and diy holidays are the latest thing, you need to remember you are competing with a lot of properties, types of holiday, and a mixed market place.d

Choose your best features, what makes your area unique and sell it.

You need to make your "brochure" very very attractive. That said, I would not recommend a sound track of Zorba the Greek, or anything remotely similar, that would be a step too far and could turn people off. Leave the music score to John Williams, he has made millions, he knows what he is doing...!

Good luck with your rentals!

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